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Friday, February 22, 2008

Well I shall save you my dear juniors some of frustration of preparing your Pharm Care presentation when you arrive here...I am currently preparing my Pharm Care presentation for this upcoming Wed, which explains why I haven't been blogging lately (well going out..parties..doesn't count haha)

Anyway, batchmates feel free to drop in some tips for the juniors to spare them the frustration and stress =)

How bad can it be? Well just say that after my presentation I'm gonna burn the paper (literally!)

Because it was done so many eons ago, I can hardly remember a thing about it!!

Anyway, things to note while doing your clerking:-
- Don't scribble! (you'll thank me later on) I know you'll be tempted by the highly unique and beautiful handwriting that you'll soon find

- Make sure you get all the abbreviations down (if not you'll get a headache later trying to figure out the whole deal)

- Don't bother with cases that are extremely long (a month) or extremely short (2 days)

After your clerking:-
- Do all the drug interactions first (if there is) after you finish your attachment

- Read up on Guidelines (NICE, SIGN, Malaysian Guidelines) to see whether the treatment given follows the guidelines or not

--when you are still in KL, you can always refer to the lecturers if you don't understand or anything. Here you go out have a run in the cold weather, come back read through my literature and try to figure it out--

I think by just doing the above, will save you a lot of time. Just make sure you understand your case, and talk it through with the lecturer.

Well maybe most of my batchmates did it, and I'm the only odd one .. =p so just in case if there's anyone like me in P106, I'm saving you the trouble =D

Am I good or what? XD


ti3nD said...

haha. this is alwiz nice of you to share info with juniors!:)

like fionna said, cleark cases from 3-8 days is a good trick. dont take it too lightly n make sure u choose a right partner, it helps alot when it comes to discussion in glasgow later on!

good luck!

btw, fifi,
you can burn them after ur presentation, cos we stil need them for ur essay later on. aiiiihz..

Lim said...

Ahaha..ic ic...thanks thanks!
Arent we gonna clerk case in the coming attachment after our sem5 EoS??

Anonymous said...

Take the opportunity to talk to your patient, provided he's willing to of course. Mine didn't want to talk to us =(

So anyway ask him about his history (social, drug, past medical, family) because sometimes it's not written in the case notes. Ask him whether he was compliant with his previous medications.

Alot of question marks in my case because I didn't manage to get these kinda info.

Don't be shy during your attachment yea. Cause I kinda was and I know many others were too.

Fionna Tan said...

[tien]oh to others what you want others to do unto you ^^

dont need it for my essay liow d..i compile everything for my presentation so can BURN haha

totally agree...get a crappy partner n u're gonna have crapppy daysss

[KK] yea aft ur EOS

[milocup] yea don't b shy n find a partner like ME!! haha

Fionna Tan said...

btw...seremban rocks!!!! coz u getta go makan good food thks to Pick Chai muwahaha my mentee rocks =p

plus u getta watch midnight movie...


it's the last time u'll be in malaysia doing stuff like PLAY til the MAX

cYbeR FiSh™ said...

1.copy everythin!even for ur "short case" coz u'll never far,i've oni used my "short cases" for presentations+essays..
2.try 2join in with the s/ban clinical school peeps for bedside lectures if u happen to get s/ban..talking to the medical students might b helpful as well..
3.pray HARD that u get mr.david as your supervisor..teehee.he's nice.

Fionna Tan said...

(cyber fish) yup david rocks XD