Elections 2008

Monday, February 25, 2008

As we (Malaysians) all know, the General Elections have been brought forward to the 8th of March. It was quite a news for me, been anticipating for an election soon but I never thought that it would be this SOON.

With emails circulating around, one really wonders what truth is there left anymore...

Newspapers don't report anymore they just print what have been instructed...
So what is there left to gather information?
Yup, you guessed it...blogs..emails...'unofficial' sources of information. I find it sometimes more reliable than the real deal at times...

Support DAP? PAS?: re-think again

As much as it is, your actions would speak louder than your words. What have you done for your country Pak Lah? What improvements have been made since you became Pak Lah?
Do I see our country advancing?
Do I see pay rates increasing?
Do I see education progressing?

What do I see?
Oil prices increased
Toll prices increased
Education in public universities are still the same if not worst
NEP not fulfilled

What is there left for Vision 2020?

Will I one day return to champion the cause for my country?
Who knows...