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Thursday, January 10, 2008

there's this game that i've never played before in my entire life up till now ------> rugby


beats me, the game sounds like some clobbering type of game where you pass the ball to someone and you get to bash up that someone ^^

anyway the rugby game has some good fans along with it...why men get all hyped for a ball? I have no idea..maybe all man are designed to be hyped up by balls ;)

welp if you are interested in rugby and desperately needs to follow up on the rugby tournaments by all means do visit the RBS 6 nation website and there you'll get a good thorough information on the games..and everything about the tournament =)
so if you need to impress someone with rugby, this is a definite place to check out

rugby rugby rugby!~

gooooo rugby!


Anonymous said...

it's really not as ganas as it looks like for the gals team. i'm sure of that coz i'm part of the team!

of all the sports team i join before, strath Rugby team is the most come together group sport i've ever enter!

Xin Yin

Anonymous said...


am sure you are having a great time