P105: CNY Class Party

Friday, January 25, 2008

Hello P105!!!!

Must have been ages since I last saw some of you =D
Labs must have gone well for some and not so well for some too..hehe..so as CNY approaches it's time to relax and chill for a wee while before we all go back to our hectic schedules~

Some of you might have received an email from Jin Werne indicating a halls CNY party but now plans have changed a bit and the final outcome of it would be a P105 CNY class party ^^

Date: 7th Feb
Time: 7:30pm - 10:30pm
Venue: Living rooms of H12, H11, H10, H9 (yet to confirm), H8, H7 (and their adjoining units the J houses)
Price: IT'S FREEEEEEEE thks to our ever brilliant P105 people = us, we got enough money to have this CNY party for free ^^ (your cooking stuff can be claimed, retain receipts please)
*I'm gonna send out an invitation to the lecturers as well, so if you particularly like one of them..do go all out and invite them in ;)

How is it gonna be like??
Bringing the CNY-visitation-open-house-feel to Glasgow!!! So basically you can proceed from the allocated houses to the other. It's gonna be FUN!! You need to move around in order to sample all the good food prepared by your very own batchmates!!

Now we need everyone to do something, to justify you having free food --> it's either you are cooking or cleaning up at the end or doing deco
We obviously need a big lot of you cooking =) if not there would not be much food =( than it won't be a good class party anymore

So we need 3 teams of people basically:-
- Chefs --------> person in charge: Joyce Ng (ext 7211; email: syjoyceng@yahoo.com)
- Cleaners ----> person in charge: Adam Cham (ext 7182; email: adamcham85@hotmail.com)
- Deco --------> person to contact: Yi Jie (ext 7199; email: e_jay@graffiti.net)

You would need to be interested in at least one of the teams to be allowed for this event =p
Cleaners: 12 people (by 31st of Jan)
Deco: 12 people (by 31st of Jan)

As for the CHEFS, please let Joyce (by 31st of Jan) know what you wanna cook and what are the ingredients you need because we will be buying in bulk to make it cheaper =) unless you plan to sponsor the food which of course is more than welcome ^^

So if you are interested, than your name would need to be in at least in either one of the teams la :) Do feel free to invite the home students, ask those especially who's in the same research group as you are in and if they are coming do let Joyce know. So we know how many people are coming.

Ok la..I think I didn't miss out anything ^^ I need sleep!

apparently some of you got the idea that you can just come and makan...don't la so lazy...it's our last P105 event after all...(mm maybe ^^)


Fionna Tan said...

Btw this would be our last P105 event already =)
So make sure you don't miss it for anything!~ If not than up to you lor...your loss =p

ti3nD said...

wahhhh last one liao arh...

great plan :)

shirlyn said...

is there gonna be a dresscode??

cheongsam any1?? or at least red la...=)

Fionna Tan said...

ahh yes!

anyone who brought their Chinese Traditional Costumes, do feel free to wear them =D

and the rest RED it shall be!~

thanks shirlyn!

There will be photo taking sessions...I just need to plan it out properly ^^

ti3nD said...

ong ONG. any idea where we can collect ang paus? that would be in pounds. wow :P

=慧云=Angela= said...

i dun hv cheongsam wor.. and my newly bought baju is not red either T.T

btw fionna, just wanted to ask u, can we invite lecturers as well? cos i was actually thinking of inviting my supervisor (but not sure whether she wil be coming)..

Fionna Tan said...

yup yup can go and invite lecturers as well..i'm gonna ask Carol to send out an invitation to them ^^