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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

After having a wee chat with my buddy, Ivy, who's preparing to fly off to Canada on the 3rd Jan, I've decided to put up the list of things in which I run through with her, so that she doesn't forget anything =)

As I've entitled this post, here are some of the things I think would be useful for anyone who's gonna fly off to somewhere for more than 4 hours ^^
I picked it up while from my flight from Malaysia to's a LONG flight ;)

I actually thought of putting down the whole conversation here, but than I realized that some parts of it is not in English, and that would be not fair for my readers who don't understand the language.

Can I put electronic goods in the check-in luggage?
Yup. Just make sure you wrap it up proper with cloths and bear in mind that the people handling your luggage are just gonna throw your luggage everywhere.

Travel adapter?
Bearing in mind, that countries either follow the UK's or US' electrical system. So having one in hand is always handy.

Do make sure when you pack your laptop, you can easily remove it from the bag. As during the check-ins, you are not required to completely remove the laptop from the bag/case. (Due to this procedure, I lost my USB hub -_- as I did not expect to remove the laptop from my bag 3 times. They require that for each transit.)

Food, water?
Do pack some sweets, sandwich (if you're gonna be traveling for long, do not assume that you can buy it from where ever you are going. Sometimes you might not get what you want, plus if you are on a budget, airport food is always expensive.)
If you're gonna travel for long hours, during your last transit, pack some food from the plane into your bag ^^
As you now know, you can't bring liquids into the plane, so just grab a bottle of water from the plane on your last transit to your destination. *grab it early before it runs out

you can refer below for more info
Changi Airport Departure Tips

nothing much on other sites, you can just drop me a comment if you've got a question ^^


Ivy said...

WAhh! Ur blog's super informative weh! :D

Lim said...

Hey!! wanna spatula needed when we r there ar?

Fionna Tan said...

Will inform Ka Keat, through email if you are not Ka Keat ^^

Lim said...

Yes..i am....
& I've replied ur e-mail...
Good luck for test! :)