fionna's lunches ^^

Friday, November 16, 2007

eggs, onions & cheese~
1. fry the onions till it turns brow
2. beat the egg and add in some milk
3. pour the egg mixture into the pan and let it cook
4. season with garlic powder, pepper & top it off with cheese
5. serve with bread

another option is to add in potatoes. simply fry the potatoes till it's cook and follow the steps above (from step 2, you can opt for step 1 as well)
*seasoned with paprika, curry powder, pepper, garlic powder & cheese

yummy potato salad~ 1. boil the potatoes till soft and cut into cubes (i left it overnight in the slow cooker, lazy = easy)
2. after cubing the potatoes, add in mayo, a dash of salt, pepper, mix herbs, garlic powder, seasoning (to taste)
3. mix it all up
4. added in some eggs
5. added in romanian lettuce too
-splendid & filling-

caviar on toast!~
1. toast the bread and butter it
2. spread the caviar!
(optional: add in a slice of lemon with a slice of cheese ^^)