Monday, October 15, 2007

Today I came back after a long hard day
Nonetheless when asked, a great day is replied
For each day is worth to be tagged as great
Life in all its wonders

Reminiscing the good ol'days
The laughters, the smiles, the warmth
Sitting here all alone
Being able to recall happy moments, savor them & treasure them

Being alive itself deserves to be applauded
Being able to...

mm not in the writing mood now...doesn't sound nice's interesting when one of my mates asked, How was your week? I answered had a good week in fact a great week!

And she was like, ooo you gotta tell me what happened than..I was like...well i had a good time socializing with people..and yea i had a good week =)

than she goes, aww you gotta me more

i just smiled

i live a simple minded life in of my buddies told me before that i'm so easily made happy and that should be my way of living
easily contented but yet not succumbing into compromise
easily contented but yet not forgoing the divine dreams
easily contented but yet not forgetting to strive for excellence

putting things into context
keeping a balance in life