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Monday, October 8, 2007

Someone once told me that, 'courage is not the absence of fear'

A person who dares to do something beyond their fear is a person of courage. For that person has put aside self and pursue something out of their comfort zone, out of what they would normally do.

You do not need to feel 10 feet tall before you can be courages, it just simply requires you to put your trust in God and just do it.

Why God and not self? Well simply because you and I are humans...we all KNOW that humans can fail thus putting your ultimate trust in self would be least FOR ME ;)

Thus in order to be courages you just need to TRUST GOD =)

Confidence is defined as the feeling or belief that one can rely on someone or something; firm trust.

Self-confidence: a feeling of trust in one's abilities, qualities, and judgment.
-definitions are according to the dictionary on my macbook-

so now that we are clear on what confidence mean, I can than proceed to talk about ME.

Without saying much I'm always labeled as a gal whose confident in everything she does. Practically everyone I meet would say that I'm very self-confident.

So I proceed to find out I asked God, how did I became so confident?
I had lessons to learn, so God did not deliberately told me how but He revealed it to me step by step. I have a simple mind after all, I don't like things to be complicated. Simplicity is the key!

Mmm after my lessons in life, I can finally know why confidence just flows (can't think of that word I wanna use..) out of my life.
Self-confidence? Well to a certain extend yea...but self confidence will only bring you so far for there are people who's always better than me!
Simple but yet profound...after this profound understanding written out here you will be amazed how profound it is.

I know who I am in God. You see my Bible tells me that I am a child of God.
God = King of kings
Me = child of God
Child of God = princess
Thus, Me = princess
God = is love
Me = child of God = God loves me = I am a princess

Simple equations yet profound once you can understand the implications of it.
So knowingly that I am a princess, I have that confidence in me because it STEMS out of my relationship with God. Ultimately it is because of God that I have the confidence.

So if you need some confidence boost, get to know who you are in God. And my dear readers, you will begin to get more out of life itself! And not just confidence but a brand new life!

You see I never am into religion...I used to think that religion will bring me some where but than I began to realize that religion will NEVER bring me anywhere. It is through my RELATIONSHIP with God that brings me somewhere.
You mean I can have a relationship with God????
Are you for sure? But how can I have a relationship with God? Ain't He some kind of idol or something, that sits far far away and He's a strict dude?
I am dead sure! Because I have a relationship with Him. As real as I am typing this!
You just need to ask Him to come into your heart. Yup all you need to do is just ASK.
He's far beyond some where, He can be just right here beside you if you allow him to. You can even talk to Him like you talk to your mates. That's how I talk to Him =)
Does He talks back to you?
Yuppers. You can even try it out tonight before you go to bed. After all what have you got to loose?
So what's the deal?
=) Just to let you know that Someone loves you and is eager to talk to you.

I could never imagine living life without You
I could never imagine a single day without You
I could never imagine if I never knew You

What life would be like?
How I would be like?

You are my very source of life
You are my very source of hope
You are my very source of strength

What would there be to life if is wasn't for the Cross
I could never imagine...

Nothing about me would be worth mentioning
Nothing about me would be worth remembering
For all that I am, it is You who made my life worth

What would there be to life if is wasn't for the Cross
I could never imagine...