just a joke

Sunday, October 21, 2007

*Why corruption in Malaysia will never be eradicated? *

*Because when officials meet, they remind one another: *

*Official A said, 'Wa Salah Lu Mai Kong' ( Allsalamualaikum) *

*Official B replied, ' Wa Mai Kong Lu Salah' (Mualaikumsalam) *

Only a Malaysian will ever understand ^^

You know, it would be soo tough for a foreigner to really get into the malaysian culture..haha..look at the languages we have!

just a phrase could contain, english (1), BM (2), Hokkien (3)..3 different languages!~

the diversity of the malaysian culture!

just yesterday, i was watching a video clip off my friend's laptop...it was a singaporean comedian...laughed my ass off!!! How much I missed the languages of malaysia and singapore!! haha...didn't realized it till I heard it!

i think when i step back into malaysia it would take me just a wee while to get a hang of the language again ^^

a few scotts have commented on how I have adapted to the place here...cause i've picked up a few scottish words apparently (according to them) and my accent too!
some of'em are thinking that i've been here for years....that truly shows that i adapt well haha ^^

oh by the way..i've put up this paypal button on my blog..so who ever wants to support me can donate via paypal XD
i need to start a campaign to support Fionna WY Tan haha

mmm PF commented that lately i've been using these two words quite frequently, 'wheee' & 'whoo hooo' XD

oh wait, I've joined the gym and yes 65pounds is off my account -_- BUT good thing daddy said I can use his account muawahahaha...so I just need to get someone who's gonna sign up for 65pounds as well...than i can get the cash back...hehe

i got this gym instructor, marcus to help get a routine to tone up my arms ^^..since i've got HUGE FLABBY ARMS -_- ...the part of genetics which I don't fancy..haha
oh well...so from now on Fionna Tan is into gym-ing officially!!

i like the word marcus used, definition..lol
after 6 weeks of this, you'll get definition for your arms! XD
so in other words, my arm won't look like a flab of meat akaka
welp..i'm working on my abs and legs too XD

wheeee i've already got a single pack of abs...not my tummy =p
so i just need another set...muwahaha...i want 4 ^^

i intend to live a good long life...i got too much tht i wanna do...so better start living healthy!
fit and healthy life here I come!!
not to mention a good body too =D PLUS POINT!