Tuesday, September 4, 2007


ericngu said...

nice photoshop work... :) how u do that? hehe.. :)

Fionna Tan said...

haha thks...it's simple =)

duplicate a layer of the original photo and name it B&W (easy ref. purposes)

B&W should be at the bottom layer

Original layer needs to be unlock or you can just duplicate another layer and name it Colored

Colored layer on top, B&W bottom

Will be working on the Colored layer to create the final product

You can either use magic wand or eraser to remove the color parts (or the parts that you want it to be B&W)

Magic wand: make sure you feather it down before you delete the part

Eraser: hardness should be at 0% to have a soft & smooth edge

=D simple!

Anonymous said...

Nice photo. Need to stand with a better posture. Great work and I like your poem. Dad