what is Fionna up to lately??

Sunday, August 19, 2007

well well...i've taken time off a little to sort out some stuff on my mac =)

getting my music files into place...pimping up my mac (in the process of getting all the .dmg files required) ...i'll grab a screen shot when I'm done ^^

doing up a bit of my room XD but I've yet to start designing stuff for it..can't wait to start!! but got so much to do with my mac..always get side track with it..haha

major bummer: the thing near my iSight (camera) popped up again -_- lousy thing! macs are not suppose to do that!!!...but I don't feel like sending in my mac...cause it will just take too darn long!!!...need to call'em up and complain though...they should reimburse me or something -___- eish!

but all in all computers are computers they too are not perfect =p no matter how much you pay a price for it! nonetheless I still like it...I might just get a Mac desktop, Windows desktop & a Macbook..so I won't havta worry..as long as I sync everything together XD than nothing can stop me from using computers muwahahahaha

mmm oh yea on thursday night I had a super fantastico night out!!!
I had dinner with a marvelous lady =) in a fine dining restaurant called City Merchant (east side of Glasgow city centre)
the restaurant is superb!!!
UNFORTUNATELY I utterly forgot to bring my camera...-_- so I only managed a few shots with her camera...shucks!!

My meal:-
Venison with cranberry tarrine = simply yummy! it's a game meat..and a cold dish =)
i love the taste of the venison...ahh perfect!!!

Main Course
Haddock with beer batter and chips = basically fish & chips ^^ the fillet was big! as long as both of my palms put together..simply crispy and light & nice! Didn't manage to finish the whole fish though..just a bit left hehe

Vanilla ice cream with toffee sauce = oooohhhh...the vanilla ice cream was full of flavor! soft & smooth and fragrant topped with toffee sauce!! ooolalala XD

Italian wine, San Maria = smooth, rich and full of texture..ahhh!

Now that's a complete meal!! haha..I'm utterly blessed! Thank God!!

Had a delightful time, chatting & eating..having a good laugh =)

Oh...and I've found the perfect place to hold the upcoming fund raising event!! Glasgow Green XD
{lost?...well just wait till I've got more info posted up...haha..it's gonna be exciting!!!wheeee}

mmm...now time to start applying for jobs! Pray that I get a good one ^^ high pay hehe