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Thursday, August 2, 2007

welp so far I've bought 5 items under the category of cloths ^^

mmm...I find the fashion sense here in Glasgow is just alright..everyone seems to be wearing the same stuff here and there...maybe it's because of the weather?? XD
They have lots of nice sun dresses over here but rather impractical as there is hardly any sun here. So pointless in me getting them..might just get them before I leave this place, if I do leave hehe

the mid-range stuff are just alright nothing to shout about..KL has better cloths at the same price =) but those that comes with a PRICE TAG are pretty good...unfortunately I have to bear in mind that I'm not working yet -_-

oh the sales here are really good!! KL sales are kinda fakey sometimes...over here they literally slash it! so it's good for all of us =D I shall need to show you my NewYork Yankees belt 's only 0.01p!! That's dirt cheap ^^ Hansel found it XD

Hansel: Fionna check this out!! only 0.01p!
Me: what for?
Hansel: aiyahh just buy only la! Just now you picked up 1p from the floor right?
Me: mmm ok -laa haha

*lady at the counter smiles*