The month of my country

Friday, August 3, 2007

boy am I suppose to be studying XD & I am suppose to email a report to someONE..hehe...a few more important emails to write...

It's August 2007, first time in my 22 years of life that I will be celebrating my country, Malaysia, independence away from home...

Despite the setbacks, the unjustness, stupid policies, lousy administration..etc etc etc every country has it Malaysia has indeed come a long way. 50 years have passed since we gained freedom but are we truly a free country?

What does it mean to have freedom? The word in which nearly every young teenager is familiar with.."I want my freedom" "I need my freedom"

The word Merdeka will always bring back memories...the day where we (P105 and B104) had our Cultural Day. It was a total blast!! Superb and awesome. The only unfortunate thing is that I did not manage to get a hold of the video...that day was truly one of the best days in IMU ^^

So will I be the one who will step into my country and serve?
The arena of politics: the blood & sweat, the buckets of tears, the agony, the back stabbers, the evil grins, the fake laughs, the shitty job....


who just might be =)
anyway wei meng (my other batchrep) & myself might just come up with some plans to celebrate MErdEka! There's like 114 of us here after all ^^ a class party cum cooking competition is what we're mulling over at..

Despite everything else...I LOVE my COUNTRY. Malaysia rocks big time XD