lunch cum dinner

Saturday, August 11, 2007

muwahaha...lovely!!! i just had this for my dinner also...but the chicken was marinated differently ^^ by Alicia & PF: taste really good!!

so how is this made? Simple
1. Oven the marinated chicken (which ever you like)
2. Boil the water, throw in the noodles
3. Crack an egg into the bowl
4. Pour a bit of the boiling water into the bowl with the egg
5. Take the noodles out and into the bowl + egg
6. Mix everything together. Add a bit of the boiling water, so it's not too dry.
7. Add in sesame oil & oyster sauce into the bowl. 1 tbp of each. Mix it.
8. DONE!

I love good food and it's just in my genes to come up with food of such haha XD