labcoat & a goggle

Saturday, July 14, 2007

The two most essential items in the course of pharmacy would be:

yup a labcoat and a goggle =)

as for me the brilliant Fionna Tan (ahem ahem, did I just hear someone coughing out there? I'm soon going to be a pharmacist after all. I can spare you some of my time to dispense your medication ^^)

ahh yes as for me, the only one in my entire batch of 114 students...whom forgot to bring that 2 items. XD

It only dawned upon me when I arrived here in Strathclyde University while the time table was given out. First day of class and we were suppose to have labs. I was like GRRREAT where on earth am I suppose to get a labcoat???
Anxious? ..pretty much but than..I only bothered myself to search for it on Sunday night..haha...thank God for seniors!!

So off I went to look for them, one bunch of'em was having BBQ outside my I went and bug them and Kelvin could spare me his set of labcoat and goggle ^^ Although it was pretty much not white but who long as I can enter the lab..I'm cool with it..haha but on Monday I went in with BBQ smoke all over the labcoat, as I was chilling with them ^^

So I've repeated this story a LOT of times cause it always starts with Fionna what did you do to your labcoat?? Why so dirty wan???? And my story goes all over again XD

Thanks Kelvin!

ahh yes, there he is =)

time for him to get a new one after all ^^