Dumpling Festival 'zhong'

Monday, July 2, 2007

well in conjunction with the dumpling festival back home..I thought it would be cool to post up something in regards to it =)

thank God for grandmas and mothers because I ate my 'zhong' before I came over..muwhahahaha...my grandma and mum decided to make some for me to makan (eat) first..so I had my fair share of nonya zhong (bluish color), gan sui zhong (yellow color) and ham yuk zhong (the meaty one! with egg yolk!! simply fabulous!!)

my grandma and mum and grandad are seriously good cooks..and some of the genes are passed on to me..haha...i bake though..but i should definitely learn their traits of the traditional food from my mum's side ^^

unfortunately...i got no pictures with me to post up...so yea imagination ppl!

Here's a good site where you can check it out what's the dumpling festival all about!

well when you do visit Malaysia, you need to try some of it!!! Some places do sell them even when the festival is not on =)

It's basically a glutinous rice, wrapped with bamboo leaves and shaped into a triangular shape hence called a dumpling.

They have difference fillings inside and usually the savory type is more preferred but the sweet ones are also good too XD

enough la...i'm getting hungry now..haha

oh over here you can read up a bit on the history of this festival, which is pretty interesting =)